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A series of OSR-style zine modules with intricate hand-drawn maps, intended to showcase unique and consequential locations for low-level adventuring. Generally compatible with Basic Fantasy, OSE, Labyrinth Lord, etc. Each zine features seven pages of compact, old-school adventuring goodness.

Note: Unless ordered with at least one non-zine title, this item is shipped 1st class letter mail (no tracking provided).

Beneath Beatrice Blackwell's Basement

Rumors of long-lost smuggling tunnels promise untold riches, and the Murdoch crime family is convinced they've found the way in.

They sent their best delvers down into Beatrice Blackwell's basement, but none returned. Now the Murdochs are seeking outside help.

A trap-heavy module intended for a party of levels 2-3

The Buried Convent of the Headless Saint

Buried 'neath a forgotten landslide, deep under the foothills, is a ruined cloister with a secret.

Old folks whisper that the Headless Saint is still enthroned down there in her lightless cathedral. They say that if you bring her a skull then it can be made to answer questions, truthfully, from beyond the grave.

An early adventure for a party of 1st level characters

Underneath the Ruined Watchtower of Some Forgotten Duke

To the shepherds and merchants who pass by, it's nothing more than a landmark. Young lovers sneak away to carve their names on the weathered stone walls. Among the locals, the structure is widely believed to have been the military outpost of some forgotten duke.

It was not. Hidden beneath the ruined watchtower is a dark relic from a forgotten age.

An early adventure for a mixed party of 1st and 2nd level characters.

Words and maps by Eon Fontes-May
Cover art by Bryan Larkin
Published by You Can Breathe Now Games

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