The Family Arcana

Jedediah Berry

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A story in cards by Jedediah Berry

Illustrated by Eben Kling

✤ A World Fantasy Award Finalist ✤

“The Family Arcana” is the tale of a sprawling family bound to their decaying farmhouse by a web of passions and strange obsessions. Each shuffle of the deck reveals a new pattern of secrets, confessions, troubles, indictments, and dreams. The family grows, shrinks, and changes, trapped forever in its haunted house of cards.

Printed by the United States Playing Card Company and suitable for use in all standard playing card games.

"Haunting and lovely." —Strange Horizons

“Recommended, especially for people who like Berry’s other writing; people who enjoyed Little, Big; people who collect unusual card and tarot decks; people interested in the way symbols can flex and bend and point towards different meanings...” —Emily Short


Also Available: The Family Arcana Supplementary Pack

Includes 11 additional cards and instructions for a trick-taking game unique to the story (four players, main deck required to play), plus recipes and curiosities from the world of “The Family Arcana."

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♠︎ An audio edition featuring 52 readers
♣︎ The instrumental soundtrack, composed and performed by The Suitcase Junket

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