Jedediah Berry & Andrew McAlpine


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A band of renegades rises up against the cruel god who dominates the land. In the conflict to follow, nothing matters more than the right to tell the tale...

Dethroners is a complete adventure game of weird fantasy and shifting narrative control for 3 to 5 players. One player is the Divinity, intent on solidifying their power and crushing a nascent rebellion. The others are Renegades, bold souls who seek to liberate the world. As the Renegades score major triumphs, they literally tear pages out of the rulebook, claiming the Divinity's narrative powers for themselves.

  • A pick-up-and-play adventure game with minimal bars to entry.

  • Strategic yet collaborative gameplay with evocative narrative prompts.

  • Rules for in-game collaborative map-making.

  • Encounter tables suitable for use in any weird fantasy RPG.

  • Step-by-step rules for our innovative Titles system: learn as you play.

  • Optional campaign rules for multi-session games.

  • Character sheets, rules reference, and map template included.

  • Trash wizards, the Hell-that-Wanders, and the old king's floating head.

You'll need a handful of 10-sided dice, some tokens, and 2 to 3 hours to tell a complete story of revolution, adventure, and weird magic.

Game design by Jedediah Berry & Andrew McAlpine
Illustrated by Khaled Khlifi
Edited by Emily R. Houk

40 Pages | 3-5 Players | 2-3 Hours

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