Zodiac B: Find Your Sign!

Wondering which of the fifteen signs from Zodiac B you were born under? Just locate your birthday in the date ranges below.

January 6th - January 29th
Officina Typographica, the Printing Press

“Procedure is your panacea: each block of type held fast in its proper cell, each letter sticky with ink.” 

January 30th - February 22nd
Globus Aerostaticus, the Hot Air Balloon

“You thrive on the fantastic.” 


February 23rd - March 18th
Felis, the Cat

“Given the warm inertia of home, given the flickering TV set of your mind, your memories may become more of yourself than you.” 


March 19th - April 18th
Argo, the Ship

“You, Ship-in-the-Sky, are you a life-ship or dream-ship?” 


April 19th - May 12th
Machina Electrica, the Electricity Generator

“Erratic hands, high-voltage heart: All of you happens at once.”


May 13th - June 3rd
Solarium, the Sundial

“You thrive on the pride of the disused, the pride of the Sundial, its gnomon like a middle finger to the wayward world.” 


June 4th - June 20th
Triangulum Minus, the Lesser Triangle

“You take strength from your smallness.” 


June 21st - July 9th
Musca Borealis, the Northern Fly

“Your list of problems takes up pages: the first is that you made a list of problems.” 


July 10th - August 3rd
Hippocampus, the Seahorse

“You do nothing the conventional way, and for you this comes easy.” 


August 4th - August 30th
Rangifer, the Reindeer

“Note the one black eye, which ignores the stars and symbols buzzing at its fur.”


August 31st - September 23rd
Manis, the Pangolin

“To many, your flesh is a delicacy. And anyone so armored becomes a prize.”


September 24th - October 18th
Testudo, the Turtle

“How many of us keep our bellies so close to the ground? How many of us do this much with such horizontality?” 


October 19th - November 11th
Aranea, the Spider

“You wish you could be more spontaneous, but you love your routines.”


November 12th - December 10th
Noctua, the Owl

“A government of one, you are ungovernable; an anarch supreme, you’re tyrant, too.”


December 11th - January 5th
Bufo, the Toad

Should I? Shouldn’t I? Should I? But once you’ve made up your mind, Bufo, your execution is admirable.”